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Vaishali Jain | Participant 27

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

Why does everyone want us to surrender?

Genderfliud, intersex, pansexual, we're more

But our lives, filled with blood and gore

Our lives are so tough

That you can't even think

The world tortures us mentally

Even if our eyes we blink

Hard to get love in this cruel world

Nobody likes to befriend us

The only thing that they want

Is to call us mental and end us

Don't listen to this maniacal part of society

They say we don't have the rights to love and live

Parents not accepting their kid for who they are

They say it's in our mind and the rights they won't give

So many problems every moment every day

People say that we're a mistake

We're living in such a brutal world

Where every person is selfish and fake

But we love the part of humanity

The part where people accept us

Not just taking care

But protecting from who reject us

This makes us feel that we do have a purpose

This makes us want to fight

We might be the rainbow

But in rain we do shine bright

Without us, your world would be black and white

Even in the day it would be night

Don't stop us from living our life

Don't stop us from shining bright

Don't forget we're humans too

We also have our hopes and dreams.


Written By: Vaishali Jain

Instagram Handle : @Fleurine.25

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Vidhi Jain
Vidhi Jain
04 Ιουν 2021


Μου αρέσει

Saloni Jain
Saloni Jain
03 Ιουν 2021


Μου αρέσει

Really nice 🥰

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Aayush Aggarwal
Aayush Aggarwal
03 Ιουν 2021

Beautifully penned

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vincy Jain
vincy Jain
03 Ιουν 2021


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