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Gaurav Singh Adhikari|Participant 44


I don't knew who is gay ?

I don't knew who is lesbian ?

I don't know what is this LGBTQ?

I was a child but now I'm teen

But I know this now and I'm okay

Then why not you?

This doesn't mean I'm like them

We all are blessed to live a life

Someone might be straight

Someone might be gay or lesbian

Then what? We all are humans

Love is pure

Not for particular gender

Not for particular community

It reaches different height

It might hurt sometimes

Difference lies in true love

Love is not just intimacy

It is more than that

It has different meanings

Different feelings , Woah!

Love is multi-defined

Love doesn't views gender

Love views the feelings of two persons

But that definitely doesn't mean to cheat someone.

Love is unexpected


Written By : Gaurav Singh Adhikari

Instagram Handle : @_gaurav.singh_23

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