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Vidya Vishwakarma | Participant 43

And the rule remains!

And the rule remains!

From Anjum of The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

To every other transgender

Is gender my identity?

Is difference my fault?

Rigid are your laws!

And untouched they remain

Because the rule remains!

Hetero is true

Homo fault

The change is deviant and you defy me all

Steal the deal mister just deviance is a fault

Gay is merry and maybe more than you are

Judging with the looks and brains and taboos all

With movements all you stick to the narrow thought of yours

Because the rule has to remain!

Tired we fight

Tired we yell

Tired we break and fall

Still we fight, fight for the change

And like a night with no stars

The path is dark but not flimsy

The rule remains as of now

But will change

In the light of our faith

For none is different

We are all the same

For deviance is nothing

But all in your brain.


Written By : Vidya Vishwakarma

Instagram Handle : @vidya_vishwa