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Pragati Agrawal | Participant 45

Breaking barriers, flying free

Breaking barriers and flying free,

They deserve it - I agree.

People talk about men,

People talk about women,

People don't count them among themselves,

I don't think people actually can.

The irony of their lives,

They came from us,

Yet today being in count with them,

Is nothing less than a cuss.

I am proud we renounced them,

Look how strong they've become,

People are united yet single,

When they unite, they all become one.

The chain is broken,

the flag of freedom flies,

People still belong to the ground,

They are the birds of the skies .

You need me, I need you,

Bound in the shackles of need,

They do not need us,

They have their choices- their own breed.

We chained us, no them,

The thought process being the real game,

When we speak about us being dignified,

I now think of it and find it lame.

We are nothing but the bothered souls,

A life lived in peetendence full of trolls.

Today i look and them,

Wishing I were one of them,

Yes rejection would be an adventurous spree,

Making me strong to break free.


Written By: Pragati Agrawal

Instagram Handle: @thesarcasticexpressor

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Anjali Chourasia
Anjali Chourasia
Jun 12, 2021



Nihal Chheepa
Nihal Chheepa
Jun 04, 2021



Yachika Prajapati
Yachika Prajapati
Jun 03, 2021

Everyone is shining star writers.. Every write-up very beautiful and heart touching with love.



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