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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

What began as mere writing and doodle Instagram page, now one of India's fastest-growing premium publication houses with as many as 150 titles published in just over a year.


Our Story

Fanatixx Publication, a globally recognized publishing house dedicated to fulfilling your dreams with utmost quality and care. Started as a writing community we've come so far in this journey as an ISO-certified publishing house that truly establishes a benchmark. With 150+ titles since 2019, we've grown so much with a writer base of over 19.7k+ in our community. We provide all the publishing services as well as literary services including book formatting, manuscript editing, cover designing, web development, inventory management, and marketing services.


We're very peculiar with our selection process and always look for vibrant genres, till date we've published across travel biography, fantasy, erotica, psychological thriller, romance, interview book, general awareness, and other diverse genres.

Our team has been handpicked from a pool of people who excel in the work they are assigned to serve you with tailored solutions.

Meet The Team

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