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Pragya Verma | Participant 42

Love Has No Gender

Little bit salty and a whole lot of sweet,

with lots of emotions this love complete.

Love has no single definition,

it just happens! Without any competition.

It's a beautiful feeling which sees no gender,

In love, the devil inside you will surely surrender.

Fast heartbeats, butterflies fly in stomach,

true love comes from heart, not from luck.

It sees no caste and no religion,

this feeling of love cannot be hidden by anyone.

Every species has love in their heart,

you can't separate it as it's your life's important part.

We humans created many stereotypes,

that divided this world and spread hate hypes.

Girl can love girl, boy can love boy,

Love is in the heart not sold as a toy.

Express your love and let it be pure,

hiding love in your heart is not a cure.


Written By: Pragya Verma

Instagram Handle: @wordsofpragya

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