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Theva Kiruba. A | Participant 28


Scares were so adorable behind their smile,

when they out of restriction;

No one could separate us,

that we had the same heart and blood;

They were beautiful!

They were beautiful!

Each heartbeat pumped up with the voice of freedom;

Your wounded up bandages would not survive anymore;

Burdensome baggage would burn in the flames of your voice;

Your voice could bring changes in peoples' mind;

They were beautiful!

They were beautiful!

You all would gonna live in this beautiful unrestricted world;

Seeds were already sown;

The plant was halfway grown;

water would be in the hands of the people;

At last, people would grow you as a huge tree;

Everyone admired,

They were beautiful!

They were beautiful!.


Written By: Theva Kiruba. A

Instagram Handle : @_under_my_magical_wand_

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