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Shrenya Soni | Participant 32

We live in a beautiful World,

A world that is made of colours.

The blue sky, green trees, the old brown barks,

Red roses and yellow sunflowers.

We live in a beautiful world,

A world that has us, humans who are made of colours.

Unique vivid colours blended, in one single entity.

Can you imagine a world where only one colour is offered to an individual and you are permitted to use only that colour for the rest of your life?

What a waste of beauty, isn't it?

What a waste of life?

Let the colours merge I insist.

Let us create a world that doesn't stop these colours from bonding.

Let us paint the world with all these colours.

Let the light of love pass through a prism and come out in different shades of the rainbow.

Because love is love and it is soaked in different hues of violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red!

Because Pride is for everyone and love is for everyone.

Let humans love fellow humans.

Because love is irresistible and these colours inseparable.

Since we're made of colours let's create a world that is not ashamed of the Rainbow.

Let us create a world where Unicorns come to stroll.


Written By : Shrenya Soni

Instagram Handle : @shrenzo

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