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Sam Gupta | Participant 14


The sun was about to set

And she was the most beautiful today

With the building rush between us

We kept our insecurities at bay.

For my first time with a girl

I was nervous and scared

With the progressing touch of her

Every doubt got cleared.

I was standing in front of her

When she approached me a little

My unconscious mind nodded to it

And my hormones started to freckle.

She held me around

And kissed on my cheeks

As the retaliations were shredding

My skin took it as bliss.

The intensity started to build up

And My lips touched her lips

We kept Kissing like never

With she holding my hips.

I was gasping and pacing

For this was sheer unexpected

Yet her confiding arms

Kept me intact and protected.

She approached my neck

And kissed me untill I moan

I resonated with the flow

And my fingers started to roam.

My tips started tracing her

From her lips to her curves

Looking up at her laced breasts

I couldn't hold on my urges.

Slowly I unraveled the laces

And eye worshipped her temple

As I started to nibble on it

Her juices started to fumble.

I licked and sucked it

Like this is all that I wanted

Her moaning and gestures

Kept me going and warranted.

My tips traced her naval now

And adored the beauty of her

As I looked at her craving for me