Nadiya Murshed | Participant 38


Love was making its instance

In the old autumn evening,

The breeze flowed, passed them

Making the hair move in front of her face

Disturbed she;

Moved those as they

Slided over her cheecks

Sliding the hands over her cheeks

They moved to the neck

Constant eyes;

Moments were crystal clear


The world to them was blurr.

Eyes were stuck on each other

No one knew what to do next

But yes, a move had to be made.

Those eyes were drowning into

Each other,

When she pulled her waist, and she was even more close to her

It was the first time they were so close,

Even obstructing the wind in its path.

Nature was so happy at their meet,

That the clouds couldnt stop but shower its love.

As the rain poured down, feelings too poured out,

The hands slided over the neck till the collar bone.

A step ahead with eyes shut and lips locked as if the key had got lost as love was making instance so the first Canodle was done.

As feelings poured out, the bond was growing more strong and her lips were stuck to hers as if jaggery was kept to be melt by them.


Written By: Nadiya Murshed

Instagram Handle: @those_unbound_feelings