Mrinal Shingavi | Partcipant 35

Why can't a girl

fall in love with a girl?

Why can't a boy

adore a boy?

Why all the taboos

of these words,

'a girl', 'a boy',

so dominant?

Why can't love be

defined between

just two souls?

Why do they tag

it under abnormality?

She understands

her better and

he understands

him better, aren't

these words more

satisfying to listen?

When he failed to

make her happy,

she chose to love

her, why did people

judge when she changed

from 'him' to 'her'?

She chose her,

not because she

understands her but

because no one can

understand her better,

and because she

never steps feet on

the random judgments

which society throws

on her, on each little step.

He chose him,

not because he no more

trusts the other gender,

but because gender

was not the word

he was precisely looking for,

when he thought of him.

Why always, invariably,

there is this constant

hammering of not

loving the same gender?

Why do even this word