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Mounika Vishwanadula| Participant 11

Hormonal driven!!

Me, being a lesbian received a bunch of yucks and a bundle of fucks from society.

And yeah, there is no absolutely compliments and beauty portrayals to describe the third gender.

I habituated with ironies and I realised that I am never going to get hyperboles in my entire life.

Poets will never pen down and the rights we deserve will never be reserved.

You just remember that "claps" in trains and "baayyas" in voice.

But imagine,

The day I disclosed to my parents,

I am a lesbian and it's completely out of fault, still was dragged out of the house and

Who gave me the birth called me their "insult", and "shame"!

The shame of hormonal imbalances??

Every individual here on the earth is a slave of their emotions

And every emotion is a slave of the

" Harmons"

How does shame matters here?

God knows! the !!

Yes, I do have emotions and I do have the freedom to express them!

I have rights and yes, darling.

Every gender counts!!


Written By: Mounika Vishwanadula

Instagram Handle: @mounikavishwanadula

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