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Mahima Hasija | Participant 41


Male or Female? Is the common question asked in every form.

And if you fill the ‘Other’ option, you are probably breaking the norms.

Every girl is supposed to love pink, and boys are equivalent to blue,

And this is the thinking with which each one of us grew.

In this world of ‘blue and pink’, many want to be the ‘orange and yellow’,

They want to be the horse of a different colour, distinct from other fellows.

But the question is, will the society accept?

Will they get the same and equal respect?

In India, in 2018, section 377 was decriminalised,

Everything was conveyed through news and was digitised.

But its still not easy for the society to take this,

Even for their children’s bliss.

As an acquaintance, we are okay with someone belonging to that umbrella,

But the truth is, as a parent, we want our child to be like a ‘Prince’ or ‘Cinderella’.

There are a lot of people who belong to the LGBTQIA+ community,

And we usually doubt their strength and unity.

But in reality, they are more united than us,

Like us, they also have some minus and some plus.

But they are also human beings,

They also have feelings.

They want to get treated equally,

And they want to do everything legally.

They just love other colours instead of the stereotypical blue and pink,

Is this the way to treat them? What do you think?

This is the time to educate more and more people about this,

Our relatives and parents are also not to miss.

It’s all because of the pressure of society and relatives,

That the parents always think of the negatives.

A parent of a kid who belongs to the LGBTQ community,

Always forces their child to hide their identity.

But have we ever thought of the reason behind this?

We just know that it’s not normal for two guys to kiss.

It should always be the opposite gender,

It should always be a ‘his’ and a ‘her’.

A girl can’t love a girl and a guy can’t love a guy.

This is the societal norm. But why?

Think of the societal pressure on the individuals,

Who can’t be their own version of ‘originals’.

No one ever thinks of the pain and pressure they go through,

And we are the main reason of their pain: that’s true!

Parents blame their kids instead of supporting them,

They feel ashamed if their son is into men instead of women.

It would be an altogether different world if we start treating them equally,

They will feel as if they’ve touched the sky and then can live peacefully.

Who are we to decide someone else’s gender?

Let’s get out of this story of gender bender,

And treat everyone as humans,

Treat everyone as sapiens.

In this world of pink and blue,

Let them find their own colours too.


Written By : Mahima Hasija

Instagram Handle : @mahima_hasija_

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Saizal Gupta
Saizal Gupta
Jun 03, 2021

Well penned.



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