Mahi khan | Participant 16

It was just another day for dia when she was running late as usual because she woke up late .

God! please save me today I swear I am going to wakeup at 4 from tomorrow .. she blabbered entering her office premises when she bumped into someone

I am so ... She stopped looking at the person and a frown etched her face

The other one However rolled his eyes

What? Never saw a handsome face? Diya mockingly laughed at his face

You mean a transgender? No! Indeed not ... She made fun of him without realising that her sentence may hurt the other person .

You are too proud of yourself arnt you? Dev chuckled looking at the young girl who rolled her eyes .. why wouldn't I be? God has created me perfect unlike .. she trailled of smirking

Dev shake his head hearing her rude remark .. you think having a beautiful face makes you perfect? No! It won't and it can't your beauty won't help you when you will need someone's genuine support .. it can surely feed you but, it can never buy you peace one feels after making another person happy .

His sentence left dia in deep thinking while he made his way outside

The whole day she kept thinking about the transgender and his words ..they were raw and deep . Finally it was time of her presentation and dia couldn't focus on it leading the compony to loose the deal she was summoned to there new boss's cabin and dia was sure she will get her termination letter today with bucket of insults

I am really sorry I ... She haulted seeing the same transgender smiling at her

Dev chuckled seeing her gasping and straighten ... now don't tell me a transgender can't be your boss

She looked down embarrased on the verge of tears . Dev passed her a water bottle

I won't fire you miss dia .. I am not perfect but I know how to be empathetic towards others .

His words left dia in sheer guilt and embarrasment while dev dismissed her warning her to be well prepared in future because mistakes happen and mistakes are the proof that we are humans .

That day dia learnt that your gender/cast/color do not decide your achievements it's ones hardwork that decides there virtue .


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