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Kim Regon | Participant 20


I should be in the body of he

Instead of the body of she.

This body isn't mine

I realised it,when I was just nine.

My soul is incompatible with my body

I know most of the people find it comedy.

It was firm

to recognise it,

But now I'm totally confirm

And I proudly admit it

I was confused,worried and thrilled as well

Confused because I wasn't aware of it

Worried because I didn't know how my parents gonna react

Thrilled because I was on a new journey to find the real me

I've tried millions of time

To adopt oneself this way

But I couldn't,I couldn't

Because my soul isn't of this body

Transition from she to he isn't a crime

And if you think it is then just stay away

When my parents didn't accept me,it'd hurt me a lot

I'm different, I've been told by everybody.

My body is like a cage

And my soul is like a bird caught in it

Just wanna be free as soon as possible

I hope someday I'll be officially changed

My name from old to new,so everyone can call me by it

I know I've to go through many obstacles

to get where my soul truly belongs to.

I was born with this body

But this body isn't mine

I realised it,when I was just nine

Calling me she but not he,bro there is no melody.


Written By : Kim Regon

Instagram Handle : Kimregon