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Khushi Kothale | Participant 25


So what they are different physically and biologically,

But they are blessed with a pure heart which is difficult to find!

So what they appear different and asks for the money,

But they atleast do not deal their body!

So what they seems to have both, manly and girly character,

But they are as soft as child!

So what if their way of representing themselves is quite unacceptable,

But they always bless the person!

So what they are different by looks,

But they are much prettier than you!

So what they have hormonal disbalance,

But they live with their soul, feelings and emotions!

So what they are incomplete,

But they are also humans!

So what they are sieved by the "so called" society,

But don't forget, they also form a society!

So what they are TRANSGENDERS,

But they have equal rights of existence and rights to be respected and accepted by the society!

Being a transgender is not a curse, it's a blessing! If being a MAN is responsible for rape, then being a transgender is much better. Each one should be thankful and proud for what they are!


Written By: Khushi Kothale aka MC_RUDE

Instagram Handle :@ __mc_rude__

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