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Kaushiki Sarkar | Participant 34

Love Knows No Gender

Love is pure and true.

Love has no gender.

A person can fall in love with same or different gender.

A person can feel love and is comfortable

with a person of different gender or with the

same gender. It is not necessary that a

person should love a person of different

gender. A person can feel love and affection with

a person of its same gender, maybe a person feels

more safe with a person with is same gender rather than of a person of different gender. Everyone is different in these world. Every person has right to love, it can be of same or different gender. In our society, there are many people who makes fun about a person who is Gay or Lesbian or Bisexual or Transgender. They talk different kinds of things about them. So my question is who are those people to judge or talk about and make fun of that person. Let me ask you a question, if you were in the place of that person and people are making fun about you, then how would you feel? So before judging someone else look at yourself first and think one day if someone in the same way judge you and make fun of you or if you were in their place. No one has the right to judge anyone.





Written By : Kaushiki Sarkar

Instagram Handle : @__tok_jhal_misti__

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