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Harsh Sharma | Participant 29


A girl and a boy walking hands in hands,

In a Rose garden with a lot of grass strands!

Thy picture of love always looks the same,

Why it is always the fucking gender game?

How can you adore rainbow if you hate one of its colors?

Why roses are fragrant only and others give odours?

What if he adores pink tulips?

What if she strode on roof?

What if romance is his favorite genre?

What if she giggles as goof?

Hatred is the easiest thing you can do!

But pal! Try love! With material, it has nothing to do!

So let's embrace each and every shade of rainbow!

And let them shine with their own kind of glow!!!


Written By: Harsh Sharma

Instagram Handle : @author_harsharma

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Navneet Sharma
Navneet Sharma
08. 6. 2021

It is really a nice poem.You are great at conveying things literally. Keep it up.

To se mi líbí

Beautiful! The nature isn't biased so why should we be :) Keep writing ❤

To se mi líbí

Its simply beautiful! How well you portray this thought is appreciable.

To se mi líbí

Beautiful broo😍

To se mi líbí

Bhavishi Kaushik
Bhavishi Kaushik
03. 6. 2021

Beautiful ❤️

To se mi líbí


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