Dhivyajothi.M | Participant 17


Isn't it a big mistake

Definitely not, you people please awake

Don't see us like a snake

My heart really ache

She's my hot drake

And iam her little hake

She's my sweet honey cake

Inbetween there is nothing fake

I love her as much as the size of a big lake

Our relationship will never break

We'll definitely make

There'll be nothing forsake

Of course everything is jake

Well not separate even by earthquake

Our love will never annihilate

Make all your opinions eliminate

She makes my whole pain to ameliorate

There's no other person can overtake

Before blaming, please do contemplate

With us, you can communicate

Don't ever underestimate

We're here to celebrate

She'll always be my soulmate

There's nothing wrong here to hate

Defaming us is totally waste

Think of any other ways alternate

Please don't let us isolate

For me, she alone is adequate

Why always she is meant to be with "he"

And why not she is meant to be with "she"?


Written By : Dhivyajothi.M

Instagram Handle: @dj.sparkle_