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Chandan Kumari | Participant 13

"The poetry is written from the view of a gay who loves another"

I love him and he loves me

He has been always with me in ups and downs of my life,

We had fought with the world for our love to strive.

The chemistry of our's is so unique and strong,

But I don't know why society treats our love as wrong.

I am a boy and I love a boy is that a crime here,

Why then these so called educated tease us everywhere?

Love is pure and it happens from the heart,

If it is boy to boy or girl to girl why the society pull them apart?

Being a gay is obviously a matter of pride,

I don't think anything bad in that needed to hide.

The feelings for someone is never bad,

Why then these shoutings, teachings and people are getting mad?

I know our love has a different style,

So what? We will also kiss publicly and smile.

We are like the normal citizens of country and have our citizenship's rights,

We deserve care and love we have attained these after a lot of struggle and fights.

I want a world where there will be no boundaries and limits for us,

Where he and love him she can love her and seeing this people will not create a fuss.


Written By: Chandan Kumari

Instagram Handle: @unheard_jazbaat

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