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Bhavya Sinha | Participant 4

Our little love story.

I never knew what love meant,

But you made sure I get to know it.

The society which expected me,

To be a dominating and aggressive man,

Was shocked to see me soft with you.

When you asked me,

Will you allow me to love you?

I was shocked to see,

Someone similar to me existing.

It was my little secret,

Until you decided to unveil it.

When you traveled miles,

Just to see me once,

I was impassioned with love.

With your hands in mine,

For the first time,

When I decided to tell people,

The little secret I stored in my heart,

I was scared and apprehensive.

But I looked in your eyes,

And found the ocean of love,

Which was my strength.

In the world,

Where man can't be nice to man,

I loved a man, being a man.

Where man are expected to be brothers,

I choose him as my lover.

Being a man and loving a man,

Was my little secret,

Until you came,

And bloomed our little love story!


Written By: Bhavya Sinha

Instagram Handle: @scribble.__.hive