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Anushka Singh | Participant 3

"Let the love wins, Don't be a Hater"

Love is love, can raise for any sex,any soul,

Not always, attraction arise between dipole;

Anyone can love anyone they desire,

It's not about gender it's about that loving fire;

But people set some criteria about sexuality,

Which creates dysphoria in transgender's mentality;

They judge on them,

Have grudge on them

They see them with an eye of brutality,

And not understand their different carnality

But there is no need to feel shy about your, personality

And no need to feel ashamed if you come from different sexuality;

You are people, people are us

We have to change,we have to focus

Focus on being human,not a discriminator

Let the love wins, Don't be a hater....!


Written by: Anushka Singh

Instagram Handle : @anushhka_03

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