Anala Hemraj Kadekar | Participant 39


We all came up as God's Creation from our mother's womb waiting 9 months to see the world, to explore the world !

In all over the world there are ,'Four thousand and three hundred religions'(4,300). 'Six thousand five hundred languages'(6,500).

7.5 million voices . But somewhere in the deapth leaves the Community known,' LGBT' (Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community)

No one thinks of these people seems heartless! No one talks about them feels shy! Why ?aren't they humans ! In all 7.5M voices these are substracted. In all that languages somewhere these are even not known!

These words are hidden in our community. But shinning in their community now . LGBT'S Don't have religion, they don't have any other languages ,

Not even their own world , They are normal as us too,they are born from a womb waiting that freaking 9 months to see the world, to enjoy the life,

to fulfill the dreams ,to die with memories !

But we all act inhuman to them ,their rights , dream's, families, religion, everything is taken away, given them just a one word ,"Transgender"!

We too dont have right to be inhuman being a human ,we too can't leave without our families but they are forced too leave everything even sometimes their lives! Today they too have a right ,today they are also a good doctors , engineeris , or anything they wanna be ! And if not this they are blessings to us ! With no demanding hearts, they are visible God's on Earth, they r angels of blessings ,cure and with a beautiful heart and very pure!


Written By : Anala Hemraj Kadekar

Instagram Handle : @Itz_mau25

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