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Aishwarya Shrivas | Participant 33

It's been 5 years Pankaj how could you do this said Arya after all it's been a long we have been fighting over this issue I can't take this anymore.

Stop behaving like my wife Pankaj you know what we are . Arya was right though they were married 5 years ago but they were best friends who knew each other's secret.

The secret was Pankaj and Arya was homosexual and they agreed that they would get married but will never live as husband and wife. This was easier for them then telling their truth about their sexuality to their parents.

They gave each other space and time to maintain the relationship and talked about their feelings, problems, life history, pain, pleasure and what not they even allowed each other to date other people. They were passionate, ambitious , knowledgeable ,kind and supportive. They earned and were living a comfortable life .

They accepted themselves as they were born they were never ashamed of calling or identifying themselves as gay, lesbian, homosexual or the LGBTQ community people as they were free within inside out.

They were unlucky that their family had never been by their side but lucky enough to got each other.

Their relationship or friendship had been through a lot of ups and down in their life but they were supportive, caring and concerned about each other. They develop a strong bond which was not the kind of love they wanted but was the friendship which included love

Pankaj and Arya were not soulmates or better half of each other but were great with each other as their minds were solution oriented .

They sorted their fight and lived together for several years and also worked as volunteers for the LGBTQ community people and also adopted twins a girl and a boy looked upon them and lived happily ever after.


Written By: Aishwarya Shrivas

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