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Aakriti Ghosh | Participant 36

I went back to my past

where it all started to be the last ,

saw myself being alleged,

criticised. As they claimed I'm sick .

Because my sexuality was all i picked

They told me to act normal

As fondness for the similar sex is

What looks abnormal.

I ponder love is an emotion regardless of gender.

But, fellowship soon became the thought ender.

I was told to act girlish,

Being a tomboy was a notion

They destroyed my emotions.

Keeping away the policies of society

From my feelings and sanity.

Repression of expression is away from apologies, homosexuality is not a mental illness but thinking so is.

Society is different now,

It respects what we accept we are now.

Back in reality of year 2021 ,

Oh what a beautiful dream it was.


Written By: Aakriti Ghosh

Instagram Handle : @_.axkritiiiii._