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Updated: Jun 8, 2021

We at Spectrum of Thoughts Publication, FanatiXx, introduce an Anthology Free of cost for budding writers and storytellers every year. Last Year, our compiler and Founder Hemant published "STARDUST", an anthology of quotes. Stardust has set a WORLD RECORD with 2000+ co-authors published in a single book. It is awarded and recognized by 6 Book of World Records namely Bravo International Book of Record, India Book of Record, Exclusive Book of Record, International Book of Record, Royal Success Book of Record, and International Talent Book of Record.
This year we are bringing "YOUR STORY" to our collection where the finest of stories by the budding writers and storytellers will be published free of cost. The co-authors will have to write flash fiction/ one shot upto 1000 words. Language is English. This Book is compiled by Mayuri Valanju & Neharika Bhatia.

Details are given below. Click here to fill Form.

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