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WHAT IS "veiled"?

The below quotation from the famed novelist Salman Rushdie clearly states the plight of women in the world since forever. According to him, all the customs imposed on women in the name of culture are purely to bound her in invincible shackles.

Being a student of literature, I have read and cherished the works of various poets, novelists and essayists, but this quote by Rushdie left a long lasting impact on my psyche. Being a woman, I could never get over that feel. The essence of the impartiality faced by women around the world is best depicted in such limited words. It had such a deep impact on my subconscious mind that one day I decided to present a book on this theme.

A woman is always seen as an object of gaze. She is chained into invincible locks by the male- dominant society. Even the so-called modern media presents women as an object of male-gaze and pleasure. This is the sad reality we have become used to. This needs to change. I do realize the fact that years of suppression would not end in an instant. But little efforts can surely bring a change in the mindset on a subconscious level. Veiled, an anthology, is such an attempt to bring about that moment of anagnorisis.

It took quite a while to mould *Veiled* into an anthology by careful selection of authors from different corners of the world, followed by peculiar corrections and editing. The journey of Veiled wouldn't be possible without the contribution of the co-compiler Ms. Divya Renwa and the editor Ms. Jaya Debnath. A big thanks to Spectrum of Thoughts Publication, which laid the foundation for this anthology.

Writers across the globe showcased their talent through this anthology and enumerated what they have experienced or seen with regards to the conditions of women in the society. Writers nanely Srashti Behure (Compiler), Divya Renwa (Compiler), Saloni Singh Rathore, Jenson Abraham, Avinash Rao, Deepanshu Joshi, Sony Sehgal, Ashutosh Roy, Ashna Varghese, Sanket Jain, Soni Rawat, Khushi Bhatter, Roman Antwal, Nazmin Saikia, Mansi Tare, Hansa Agarwal, Ashna Kaur, Diya Mehta, Sneha Jain, Vaishnavi Suthar, Umera Inamdar, Sunando Chakraborty, Shubhangi Verma, Haleema Khan,Steven Vishwas, Ayush Sharma contributed their art of words to this project and made it a beautiful one.

Being the compiler of the anthology, I, Srashti Behure, requests the readers to read and construe how we as individuals can bring up the much- needed change. This book would compel you for self introspection. It would make you realize how, consciously Or unconsciously, we all have been equally responsible for the plight of women today.

*Veiled* is a small attempt to open those half-shut eyes and call for equality. Let us all stand together and free the *Veiled women* from the chains.

-Srashti Behure

Project Manager

Spectrum of Thoughts.


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