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Stardust – An Anthology you need to get your hands on now!

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Stardust is an Anthology compiled by Hemant Bansal, the founder of FanatiXx and includes the work of a whopping 2111 co-authors! The write-ups are one-of-a-kind and shall provoke an amazing emotion within you. These write-ups are quotes by our budding writers which shall definitely impress you!

The Anthology 'Stardust' is recognized by 'India Book of Records', 'Bravo Book of World Record', 'International Book of Record', 'International Talent Book of Record', 'Royal Success Book of Record', & the 'Exclusive Book of Record'.

This Quotes Anthology is published by Spectrum of Thoughts which is an Odisha-based publishing platform. The Anthology publisher - The Spectrum of Thoughts Publication and Community is an in-house brand of FanatiXx that primarily deals in the publication of Anthologies i.e., Poetry, Stories and much more are penned down by multiple authors.

The main purpose of publishing this Anthology was to give a chance to budding writers. We wanted to take an initiative where we wanted to include the incredible talent new writers wanted to bring to the table. The book has been made freely which means that no publishing charges were taken from the co-authors.

We have also raised the bar of the standards of publishing Anthologies. We thought that there was something missing in the publication of Anthologies – and decided to fill the gap and help writers pave their path towards success. Writers can write on various themes and genres and challenge themselves to greater heights. They shall definitely learn more than writing – they shall learn to coordinate as well as brainstorming new concepts and ideas. This shall boost the self-confidence of writers. Now writers need not struggle with their reach on the internet – Spectrum of Thoughts Anthologies has got your back.

Why Read an Anthology though? Well, it helps you gain new perspectives, invites you to new ideas, and also helps to take inspiration. Not only that, you may be able to get out of your writer’s block as well. With so many writers having different styles – you’ll gain in-depth knowledge about writing styles too. We have published several Anthologies nationally that too in different genres and styles. These Anthologies are diverse as well as stress-relieving.

We believe that every budding writer has immense talent and sometimes, is unable to showcase it to the world. The pandemic has definitely brought out the hidden talent of some extremely talented writers. We at Spectrum of Thoughts believe in providing opportunities to these writers and scale up their career in writing by making their foundation stronger. At a nominal cost, you get an opportunity to be recognized as a published author.

The Spectrum of thoughts is your one-stop destination to publish Anthologies It was established in 2019 and has compiled over 500 books till now. We are also known as the top publishers for Anthologies.

Hemant Bansal, the founder of FanatiXx (Spectrum of Thoughts)'s main credo has always been to develop a Brand of Brands. According to him, "The Creators' Guide is in fact not a dream anymore."

At FanatiXx (Spectrum of Thoughts), we believe in publishing your dreams, and we shall make your dreams a reality! So what are you waiting for? Contact us now for more details.

We have special discounts going on right now on our e-books – so what are you waiting for? Grab your e-book now, pair it with a warm cup of coffee and relieve your stress by reading away!

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