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What is Anthology? How anthology helps writers?- BY SPECTRUM OF THOUGHTS PUBLICATION, FANATIXX

An anthology is a compilation of literary works selected by the compiler; it could be a collection of plays, poetry, short tales, songs, or excerpts from various authors. Similarly, it could be a collection from one writer. The term "anthology" is used in genre fiction to describe collections of shorter works by different authors, such as short tales and short novels, with unrelated casts of characters and settings.

How it helps writers?

1. Writing in an anthology helps the budding writer to get direction in their writing journey.

2. For writers to write a content regularly is another task. Writing comes with lot of emotions, stability, peace and mind work. Writer’s block is a common notion we hear from the writers. Writing for anthologies is a certain method to get your creative juices flowing.

3. Anthologies are the ideal approach to start your writing career and make some money at the same time if you're a debut author trying to build up your writing portfolio by releasing books.

4. Different anthology have different concepts and theme to begin with. As a beginner in the publishing world you can first opt for an open theme anthology write for it, submit the content. Later on a hands on conceptual anthologies will always make you write for it. This enhances the writing quality, knowledge and also make the writers come out of their comfort zone and explore their boundaries.

5. Some anthologies have featuring technique. Where in, the co-authors get social media promotion or any kind of motivational feature for them to keep going. Writing for one such anthology will give you fame.

There are many other perspective and ideology for anthology amongst writers. Its all on you how to write and where to publish your content. Make sure you check all the parameters before going ahead with the submission. Spectrum of Thoughts Publication has published more than 500 books in past two years, motivating more than 10,000 young budding writers. Anthology publishing is the special forte of Spectrum of Thoughts, FanatiXx and our whole team is dedicated to press up the game for new writers/ authors who look forward to publish their work in a book.





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