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No to(o) sorry a journey of regrets, published by Spectrum of thoughts.

Happy to present a new journey with our book,

NO TO(O) SORRY! It is an anthology comprising more heart winning poems and short stories. There is one beautiful hidden gem we all can get from this book. Yes! May be a solution for your regrets or a kinda guide to come out of regrets! How long are we going to regret for something which can't be changed? And for what we should not regret, how to get rid of this regretting? Do you need an answer? You will get an answer through this eye-opening book. In my life I myself realized spelling out SORRY many times without any need. And I am regretting for many things which can never be altered other than accepting and moving on with a lesson to bring up flawless acts in future. The moment we learn that regretting won't cure anything until we accept and start again with a good lesson without committing the same mistake and making out something worth will truly relieve our pains.

The special thing is, the pillars of this book are our Co-Authors who are just making us to free up our heavy heart filled with regrets and one can associate things in the book with their life. They even provide you all a beautiful journey from front to last page. The most special thing is majority of them are budding writers and this, " NO TO(O) SORRY", will be their first published work.

Regrets are to learn,

Not to earn,


Happy reading!


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