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Art is a language that few understand and even fewer speak.


A tiny three-lettered word, and yet holds the power of comprising all the mysteries unbeknownst to humanity. Art is fun, art is beauty, art is meditation, art is salvation, sometimes the force of nature, other times a passion, often side-stepped for an abundance of other 'useful' hobbies, but seldom ends up making even the sages shine.

Even our ancestors used to draw; in fact, it's the relics of their art that have been helpful for us to deduce ancient histories and learn about the oldest civilization. Nevertheless, doesn't the beauty of ART reside within itself? The world is a beautiful place indeed, with such charm, that it owes very little to the beings living in it.

Art is a language that few understand and even fewer speak. The omnipresence of art makes it difficult for an average human eye to recognize its full potential and appreciate it. And this is where comes the need for a genius like Maestro.

ARTISTICA is an attempt to bring few such Maestros together and present their works of art in a single collection. It took quite some time to select a confident set of artists who were eager to cure the aforesaid ailment regarding the average human eyes. With this vision, Divya Renwa and Srashti Behure, the compilers, have successfully launched the art book, the first-ever under Spectrum of Thoughts, after days of toiling brimmed with dedication.

Artists from various parts of the world, grabbing this unique opportunity through ARTISTICA, have brilliantly exhibited their superlative pieces of art. Contributions by artists namely, Divya Renwa (Compiler), Dolly Renwa, Sunidhi Khapne, Harpreet Kaur Gill, Reatuparna Sarkhel Ghosh, Japneet Kaur, Nazneen Shereef, Shafna M, Rachael M Thomas, Kaviyarasan, Meenakshi Mohla, P. Abinaya, Astha Vasavada, Anala Hemraj Kadekar, Pooja Metri, Jaisal R Dalal, and Priyanka Saini, make up the content of this handsome collection.

Artists (and it includes the aspirants of every single profession because every profession is an art in itself) are nothing without recognition in this cut-throat world. No matter how talented one is unless they have a constant string of supporters behind them, nobody knows of their masterpieces.

ARTISTICA is a medium through which we have given a platform to a number of such passionate artists. Hence, we request all the aesthetes to bestow their love and appreciation upon each work in this collection and all the passive audience to rekindle the aesthete inside you, because art is omnipresent.


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