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You Are My Valentine | Jyotirmayee Panda

Love doesn't have to be mutual, or even if it is mutual, marriage doesn't have to be the final destination. The world is full of one-sided love stories and stories of heart-felt love without marriage Today I bring you one of those stories, a sad love story, which I hope will be able to convey a great message to the current lovers as well. So why delay any longer let's get into the story….. The story begins on a beautiful morning, Sunita is sleeping as the morning sun rises .Then he slowly left the bed and went out for "pranayama" . Meanwhile, Suraj, the spoiled son of a millionaire family, suddenly leaves for a trip to a unique place with his friends. Being completely alone after losing his parents in an accident, drinking and making himself sick became a routine occurrence. So some of his dear friends were taking him to such a unique place to guide him on the right path । Suroj didn't know that he was going to a place where he would feel a complete change in himself and lead a normal life as before. Then the car rolled and stopped at the place where people go to get treatment through Ayurveda for diagnosis of diseases. And at the behest of the Guru he tries to arrange himself in such an environment that those who finally get rid of the disease return happy. At first, Suroj didn't care about anyone's words in that environment, at first he was such that no one liked him there. Everyone wanted him to leave. Gradually he met Sunita, a girl from there. Sunita worked her magic on Suraj at first sight. Suraj always wondered how can Sunita stay so happy in such a place?? Nor is there any kind of happiness facility. There is nothing to enjoy, it seems like a confined environment. How is Sunita still looking so happy in all this?? . All this is slowly pulling Suraj towards change. Which surprised everyone there .

One day at the beginning of Suraj's conversation, Sunita said to Suraj, "You don't care about anyone here, you don't listen to anyone. Why are you hurting your parents by doing this?" . He always looks up to you, how can you love him if you hurt him by doing this?? . As if Suraj had no answer to all this, he felt for the first time that yes, he was doing something wrong. By doing all this, he is giving a lot of pain to his dead parents. Likewise, He is always attracted to Sunita and Suraj loves Sunita more and more day by day Gradually , he starts changing his relationship with Sunita by increasing the conversation day by day . One day Suraj confesses his love to Sunita, Sunita rejects Suraj in reply. About which Suraj said, Sunita! You know I've changed now I don't have a bad personality like I used to So why do you want to avoid me?? .Sunita quietly left without giving any answer. Although Suraj expresses his sadness, he still knows that his love is not a one-way, so he decides to wait. Day by day, Sunita continues to ignore Suraj. However, Suraj, who is eager to know the reason, stopped Sunita and made her listen to a lot of things. He said, You are the girl who showed me the way to live, you are the one with whom I connected all the bitter and sweet experiences of my life, I told you everything, but even after my thousands of attempts, you did not tell me why you came here Or who you have here . You said that I will not ask you this question again and again. I also accepted that. I know that you love me, but you rejected me, I endured that too. What have I done now that you don't even talk to me?? . you are walking as if you did not see myself. Tell me what is my crime. Suraj's words with such a cry force Sunita hear. after that Sunita cries and says, look Suraj, you are not alone, I also love you. Then this love means nothing. I am a short-day guest in this world. My heart is failing day by day. I can't live with you all my life even if I want to. Maybe God wants us not to be together. So why should I knowingly ruin your life?. After hearing everything from Sunita's mouth, Suraj hugged Sunita and said, Oh, I understand now, if you have brought me to a good path and done your duty, now I am free. Do you want to be great?? . You will be my valentine in present, past and future . No one can separate you from me. Even if I sell all my property money, I can't save your life . So I will be with you as long as you stay. I will live with you, never leave you. This is my final decision . Later, both of them embrace each other and get lost in themselves, Suraj starts spreading all the happiness in the world that Sunita wants with her eyes raised, at Sunita's feet. Day after day passed happily and finally the morning of sorrow came and Suraj and Sunita's love stood at the door and knocked on the door to take Sunita with them. Suddenly Sunita's heart starts to ache while she laughs loudly with happiness and Sunita falls down in pain. Screaming and crying, Suroj tries his best to save Sunita. However he is lost, he searches for Suroj before he breathes his last while undergoing treatment. Suraj understands that Sunita has no more time. Suraj went to Sunita with sindhur in his hand. With Sunita's permission, Suraj admits to giving his wife sindoor, then kisses Sunita's head and cries, "Why didn't my heart match yours?" I could have saved you if that had been the case How do I live now? Everyone is avoiding me, maybe because of some sin God keeps me alone all the time. Sunita asked Suroj for a promise and said, Look, our love today is not like the love of tomorrow, there was no selfishness in our love. Now I am your wife, no one can separate me from you. As a wife I will only wish for your progress. As you decorated the last few days of my departure so beautifully for my happiness. Now Just like I want, after I'm gone, you decorate your life in a very beautiful way without losing color. Even if I am gone, I will always be with you like a shadow You will feel me in your breath . After I'm gone you won't try to waste your life like today's modern love . Promise me you will keep my soul in your heart You will make our love immortal . Sunita closes her eyes with a promise, Suraj hugs Sunita's memory to his chest and bids her farewell. And to see Sunita happy forever, Saroj has made himself as she wanted. It seems that love does not always lead to failure. Rather, the true love shows the right path to a loving person. It leads him on the path of improvement. Suraj and Sunita had the same story .I hope you like this story. If you still find some mistakes in my writing, please forgive me.

Jyotirmayee Panda

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