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Pearl: The story of life | Raja Karthikeyan

The Pearl, a story of a man, his wife, their child, and a greed. George, the man, had no need for money, he was happy with the small things he had. An old house, a sleeping mat, a silver glass, the furniture and a family, that's all he needed, until his son was in danger and needed medical treatment and George found The Pearl. When George encounter the pearl for the first time he began to want, and his wants came requirements.

George was a simple man; he lived a simple life, in a simple village. George watched greatly for his wife, Diana, and his son James, would protect them at any way he could. When a scorpion stung James, and needed medical help, George set out to find a pearl to pay for the doctor's services.

Diving into the oily water river, George began to search for the Pearl. He could hear the sound of the pearl in his hear as his eyes fell upon a shell that was partly open. George gathered the oyster into his hand basket with all the others and rose to the surface. George and Diana opened all the other oysters first, saving the best. Using his short powerful knife, George pried the shell open, cut the muscle and searched through the flesh and there he found life saving Pearl The pearl was in George's hand and for George, the pearl was last hope. The Pearl would save his son's life, buy him new clothes, and he and Diana were to be wed, in a church.

The doctor soon understood that George's Pearl and went to treat James. The doctor knew that George would have the Pearl buried somewhere in the house, and watched his eyes precisely in hope that George would look towards the hiding spot. Later that night someone came to George's house looking for the Pearl. After that there George heard a noice something annoying and rushed to the garden. There George visualised that the doctor roaming here and around, searching for something. He shouted "doctor what are you searching for". The doctor replied "nothing George" and back to home. Soon George find something that doctor taken from his home. But nothing. George gave a pice of pearl to doctor the next day and thanked for saving his son. The doctor regretted his mistake and apologized and gave The Pearl back to George. Things gone well later.

Sahana K T

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Jul 27, 2023
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Ishika Bhardwaj
Ishika Bhardwaj
May 11, 2023

nice one :)

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Thanks ishika.



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