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Hunt for Treasure| Sahithya Balasubramaniam

Tina’s final exams are over. Basically, she completed her 8th standard and is upgrading to 9th standard in the following year. Fresh air, plenty of oxygen, surroundings full of trees, beautiful sunshine, and grandmother’s delicious food made my day wonderful.

Then, she spent her afternoon by playing cards with her grandfather and her little brother intervening in the middle because he also wants to play cards just like them but he couldn’t and she didn’t allow him neither.

Sometimes, she’d get tensed due to his disturbance while she watch television, surf net in the laptop, chat with her grandma, play cards, sleep and lot more.

Every time when he disturbs Tina, she would call her grandma by screaming and she would try to stop us fighting. Tina sometimes get disappointment with her grandmother’s decision so she would go and sit near my dog.

Slowly, she will arrive there and try to make me understand that he is 10 years younger to you so you have to adjust and teach him. She will leave that place saying that to me as she knows that I will be convinced and move to continue my other work. This would be a routine for all of us during a particular period of the time in the life.

She used to enjoy and cherish every moment in my grandparent’s place. Those memories always hold a special place in my heart. Now, travelling back to that place after a long time excites my hormones to be perky again to do weird and naughty things.

Tina was always a supportive and caring girl to the family. She helps her mother and father whenever possible. Her only and most important goal to achieve in her life was to become an established author. She wants her books to sell millions of copies around the world.

Tina started writing from her age of thirteen and she makes use of every opportunity possible. She has tried writing various genres and writing styles. Her teachers, friends and parents encouraged her and now, she has published 5 books.

While writing her journey, she remembered the book that she started writing two days back named “Hunt for Treasure.” She has put so much effort into making it a successful one. The story has been accepted by the publishing house.

Now, fast forward to 3 months after acceptance, the book is ready to release in a minute. Within 12 hours of release, it has hit top 10 charts in Adventure – Fiction on leading book stores around the world. Everyone started to interview her and how she managed to deliver a hit after 5 books. Finally, she has found her life’s treasure – Happiness.

Sahithya Balasubramaniam

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