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Writing Therapy by Pratima Raj

Writing is an art and every individual owns this talent deep within their subconscious mind but unknown about it due to commitments towards various genre. The very thought of writing may take you towards procrastination mode initially, but later you will adore this art. Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Painter, Dancers, Army Officer, Musicians, Gym Instructor, Yoga Guru, Entrepreneur and many other specialists can contribute their assistance by enlightening the knowledge about their respective area of specialization to the society. Till today we were criticizing the lockdown, due to pandemic, where work from home burden has been surging too. But if you take a short break or complete the task a bit earlier you can grab this opportunity to learn or preach something new for self- development or development of others. The work pattern 'work from home' should be accepted as a bliss, where you are able to add advantage to your profile. Specialists can share their experiences and knowledge by creating a blog. The motive behind writing therapy is that the society should be bestowed with quality information needed for upgradation. Writing Therapy sounds something related to medical field, isn't it? Actually this therapy is basically practiced in hospitals where the counselors or doctors adapt writing therapy as a part of treatment by making patients write every day dealing with physical and psychical illness. But this article about writing therapy isn't about any illness. It's an eye opener for all those who are living life in:


2. depression

3. mood swings

4. In search of uniqueness

5. Learners

6. observers

7. seekers.

Writing does not require Oxford level English, the concept and message should reach the readers to implement it in their personal or professional lives.

What do you acquire from Writing Therapy?

1. Express your emotions with words in form of quotes, poetry, short stories or blog to reduces anxiety. Best solution for depressed mind, as writing exposes all the negative thoughts out.

2. Give and Take Policy- You share knowledge and get respect, recognition and contentment by helping others.

3. A friend in need, is a friend indeed - This phrase is for people who are living life in solitariness. Writing acts as a friend to help another friend come out from loneliness.

4. Journaling keeps your brain healthy. All parts of your body remains active. Its like acupressure for every nerve in the body.

5. Keeps distraction or diversion at bay.

So Happy Penning; Happy Writing Therapy.

Stay Enlightened and Spread Happiness.

Written by: Pratima Raj

Instagram Handle: pratimaraj03

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