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Romance has always been my favourite genre besides suspense tragedy and erotica says Amravathi

Amravathi is a person draped and imprinted with illusions, fantasies, and fabricated worlds which are as challenging as it is for someone to awaken from the fantasy dream world. It makes her stand out from the rest. Likewise, her books have the power to convey love, romance, and erotica in the purest forms.

She has also published her debut book, “Unquenchable Desires”, a fantasy fiction and romance poetry book. Her poetry book is about mundane moments of romance, erotica, loss, and self-love.

In 2023, she continues to pen her heart out with every emotion that pivots around love, be it sadness, self-love, romance, or erotica, with her new book, “LOVE Soulful Bites” under ISBN 978-93-5605-153-9 by FanatiXx Published.

Love Soulful Bites describes a deeply submissive & personal relationship that not only deals with pain but also exudes the flavors of romance with an enhanced poetic exploration of desires. The verses embrace an indulging journey of a girl from heartbreak towards blossoming her floral buds of love cherished in her own bliss of experiences from pain to pleasure to find a new love that is often intermeshed, resulting in encountering and understanding her inner self.

The written words in each poem of the book express the ideas and emotions of the author in a powerfully vivid and imaginative style adhering to a tightly structured thematic presentation of a love journey.

The author, Amravathi, considers herself as a carrier of a complete amalgamation of interests and thoughts which not only include writing poems and short stories. But, besides these interests, she loves engaging herself in painting and academic studies as well.

The metaphysical romance genre piques her interest, and so she loves poetries by John Donne as his words inspire her.

Romance has always been my favourite genre besides suspense tragedy and erotica. The slow-burn romance theme grabs my interest. It has always been a sense of nostalgia and ecstasy when I sit to pen down poems. Nothing comes first except romance, pain, and submission in love and life that one can experience and beautifully feel that emotion.

Apart from romance, her favourite genres include - suspense, thriller, and social elements of society. She resides in a city brimming with talents all over to experience. And is a post-graduation in English Literature and is currently indulged in finishing her master's in Biosciences.

An excerpt from Love Soulful Bite-

He was devoid of love and is rendered barren,

He needed a shoulder to amend his sorrow & let the tears drain,

The protest with his chaos seems to never end,

Between these rivals, the hope of true love ascends.

Like love knows no bounds, and makes you crazy head over heels, like Amravathi’s poetries! Her words make you fall in love with the purest intention and essence of togetherness.

If you are looking for love and everything in between the slow build-up of poetic themes can sweep your mind off your sleep! If you’d like to read more, grab your reads today.

To know more about the author, and publishing process, kindly contact us.

Link to her debut book

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Intresting to know more about the poet.. Great work 👏

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