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why anthology?

Over a period of a year or two, we realized anthology is something still lacking somewhere to reach the readers and writers market. Writers do participate in anthologies but they exactly do not have any idea.

Personally over the period of past 10 months I came across many anthologies. To be honest, some were great and some were of no use just a book with no meaning, printed and distributed.

Today let me tell you “WHY ANTHOLOGY?” is important for a talented Budding writers like you.

Yes you heard it right!

1) Being new to writing industry, many times you get into the web of features on Instagram pages or writing for an anthology or just be part of some community group where nothing but some messages and quotes will be sent. No grooming, no workshops, no sessions.

Here anthology can be a way out, you participate in anthologies with different themes, this will boost your confidence to write in all forms. You may also try different genre and challenge yourself each time with a new concept.

2) You try posting on different sites and hardly any one voice out their opinions, many a times you don’t even know who is on the other end and do they really mean the praise or just flattering you for your “follow for follow” social media games.

Co-authors in anthologies are unknown to each other but with time the compilers and the writers try to get into the concept. Make each other understand the perspective. Discuss on the plots and sometimes even help each other settling their write-ups. This coordination is another source for writers to gain a learning experience. You brainstorm your ideas out.

3) Social media, blog writing and other forms of writing may help you with the audience at your desk. But do they really share the same interest? Are they really someone who can help you out with your work. Maybe, maybe not…

In Anthologies, the co-authors, the readers and writers you get in touch is someone who is now familiar with your style, the compiler and the publishing house might notice you with your unique writing style or for the great potential in your writing. This can help you out with a Readers list or maybe an discounted offer for your first novel or solo book.

Although I have pointed out only few things but there is so much to add in this list. Anthologies are far sighted, you grow, you develop, its all on you to learn new things. I learnt from the same, why not you?




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