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That day is first day of spring. At 6 am the road prepared themselves for morning walking people's. One lady walked there then she feel tired and sat on road side bench. In front of that bench ,one poster posted on the wall .she start to read the poster ,"this is my dog please help me find him". Her eye are tearful and her mind voice ,My papu also missing like this and make myself lonely .I pray to the God for my papu live long , stay alive and healthy. I understood the pain of that onwer. Then she heard the barking sound and turn look at the place where is the sound came from.finaly she found but she look shocked .Because the dog look like same as the poster. Then that dog start speak herself now she frightened. That dog told I had a speaking ability. So I want share with you ,"THE UNTOLD FEELINGS OF US ".

Then she asked, you look like same as the poster that dog told it's my picture and I escaped from my owner's home.she told you don't know how much pain your owner will said ,I know you also lost your dog that why you're speaking like this.I understand why your dog is gone. You both are same .I don't have a courage to told everything to my owner. Now I told to you then you understood why your dog is gone .I was lived in the place like pet home.Ifallen love with my kitty .we both are loved eachother .unfortunately one day my owner adopted me,that is the last day I spend time and love with my kitty.then years passed ,I try to fix myself in this new circumstance .then I start loving my owner more. I make him a happy person, I never allow him to be sad and worry.when I with him he never felt loneliness. I always protect him wherever he go.i fully forgot myself and give my all to him . But what he gave to me uncomfortable place,food and dress. I don't like to wear the dress.bit I do that for him.he gave everything to me what he liked , not what I loved.Day by day I feel lonely and depressed and stressed. Because I also need a love from my dog partner and I want a family like other street dogs.If I still live in there means ,I lost myself and die that's why I escaped from that place. I think this is a reason why your papu is gone. Her eyes filled with tears. She told now I felt everything is humans fault. Then the dog told I need one so please help me.she asked what kind of a help you need tell me I'll try to fulfilled. Then dog told I know you're a author rose. she stunned and asked , how you know me.that dog told my owner always read the books most of the time he read and hold the book of yours .she told you had a speaking ability the why don't share anything with him. Dog told he doesn't know I has a speaking ability. He always come to me when he need me.but he never come to me when I need that's why I asked you a help.she said I do anything for you. Please start to write the book about ,"UNTOLD FEELINGS OF US ".

This is useful for so many pets .then only my owner know how much pain he caused to me.we don't want to like us;we wants to loved is .she told I will promise you I'll start the process today onwards. The publish all over.the she asked ,I asked you one thing so please say yes .what is that dog asked. Please stay with me ,"I'll allow you to be you ". That dog told ,thank you for your upcoming help and sorry for what you asked. It's a time for find "MYSELF AND MY LOVE.


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