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It was an unfamiliar place, with my class of typical idiots. My emotions pleased the time, viewed every bit of that place, enjoyed every bit of that moment. It was all set up beautifully, and it had everything it could have. Every single person waited for me and led me to the beautiful sight. My eyes never blink at any picture of my friends. All that blinks is to capture every moment. My happiness was still dissatisfied. It was all about the Aurora that I wanted to trap. Air and echo which I wanted to record, but there was no one who followed my steps. The only way I choose is to create steps in the moonlight alone. Having my shadow as my friend, for my fear of blowing. But it couldn’t fill the place of an individual in life, because darkness was all my fear about. A ghost filling the space next to me as a doubt. The steps I found were illuminated by the moonlight. As my steps disappeared to my tent, Steps appeared against my tent's path. I still feared ghosts and wild animals. But my greed for views keeps me moving forward. Suddenly I sensed someone following me. I checked and ignored as my fear illusion, By the way, I came across a glittery thing. Which made me curious about viewing it and anxious of what it could be. I slowly stepped into their presence, and I was mesmerized by It. The only thing I could say was WOW! All I could see was the light in the dark font. Which was ready to attract their loved ones, there was a tent at a distance and it was full of lights. It wasn't possible for me to find anyone, but I wanted to. There was no one I loved and no constant crush on me... I just wished I had a date like this.... I just wanted to enjoy that place until someone returned. I slowly stepped in. Suddenly, there were pearls showering on me.... And the light glowed on the path in my way. It was the same that I had dreamed about. But I was in fear of spoiling someone’s date. In the front I found some balloons. So, I thought about keeping the pearls again and keeping them as they are. So, I followed the path of light. As I stepped in, I found a shower of flowers on my head. Then I realized that all these were done for me, because the setup was my interest. I was already impressed by this, but still wanted to see who it was.... I continued to follow the path with flower showers. Inside I found many of my beautiful photos, clicked without my knowledge. My eagerness was excited to see that person. All I wanted to know was how, when, where and why?

That person was the answer to all my questions…I was very impressed by that and waited for their arrival. And that seat is still vacant and I am still waiting Inside there was a big Teddy Bear and two books beside me…I was stroked for a moment, because one of the books was Mine. It was the book I lost in the 3rd semester. It was the book containing all my wishes…Then I realized that the things happening to me were done by someone Later I took the other book. Throughout the book, each page contained my single wish, with a photo of me fulfilling it. They fulfilled all my wishes, which I wanted to be done, I was very anxious, curious and even more excited to watch them, that book was completed. They almost fulfilled all my wishes. I waited for a long time for their arrival. But the wish to see them was still incomplete.


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