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The Script Of The Universe by Aakanksha Jodha

I was fine at penning down my thoughts but I did not have any formal training in writing a book. I always knew authors are the most powerful people on the planet. They get into your mind, they make a home in your heart, they shape your thoughts, and design your decisions. And when I came across many emotions, feelings, and many more unsaid reasons which all overcame by writing. “I could indulge all these in writing!” I never really had a dream to become an author but the circumstances of my feelings carved a beautiful writer in me and I thrived as an author. Now I would confess that all through my life, I will love writing and I also love to put this world on mute and continue writing to change people’s lives, or at least mine. And in this writing career, now I know what is the right time to pen down my feelings with appropriate diction.

I always had a fear in me and had something running in mind that- ‘I don’t think I would be good enough to stand up there and face the world and a group of readers’. What if someone laughed at what I wrote? And with passing days, I thought every single step we take is influenced by others, and we simply hide it inside of our hearts. So I strongly urged myself to get up and face the world, face the readers and change the lives of people who will believe in me and my words.

And when I started writing- “I FOUND MY REASON”, to live… to not to die!

From there I got some tangible results for my writing. I am not going to lie- I am holding a published book in my hand with my name over it; it is as satisfying as overloaded choc-chips over the choc truffle cake out of the oven with lots of caramel base and Bourneville chocolates all around. Yes! It’s that good when you thrive, and the finished version of the book is the uber motivation which gives me the power to do it all again!

My first book titled 'The Script Of The Universe' is the collection of abstract poems carved in a room of my imagination which became the Universe and the rest of the world is lost!

Book Description:

'The Script of the Universe' shows the phases of our life uniquely, serving its purpose-filled with moments in the arms of the Universe. It is designed and written to teach anyone to listen to their Universe and make the right choices.

For all those who want to grab their copy-

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