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"The most important point is to develop your Aura and personality", Says Dinesh Kalia

1. What made you write 'Create Your Influence'?

I am a Corporate Trainer having more than forty years of professional experience. During my training programs, my students were sometimes demanding something in writing that they can keep reading and get inspired. This was the situation when first I got the idea to write my experiences in the form of a book that could help youngsters with my experiences.

2. Did your profession help you in writing this motivational book?

Yes. My profession helped me a lot. I was knowing what is the need of my readers. What is actually required of to them for being successful? That I penned down.

3. When writing a motivational book, authors usually face certain problems. Did you face any? If yes, how did you cope up with them?

Yes, definitely it was a challenge. As it was my first book and I was not knowing much about making synchronization with my thoughts and writing. I wanted to convey my message in very simple language and wanted to touch the hearts of my readers. so sometimes I stuck but get through with my imagination. I imagined my readers and started a conversation with them. In this way, I cleared this situation.

4. Share your publishing experience.

My publishing experience with Fantixx Publication was wonderful. Before meeting them, I was always thinking about how my book will publish and various other things about which I was totally blank. But after meeting them, I never felt any problem. It was just like that, I am there as part of a team. It was really amazing. Thanks to the team of Fanatixx.

5. How will this book help youngsters?

This book is written only by keeping in mind the present corporate problems that youth is facing. In a very simple language situations are explained. Any youngster who will follow the points given in the book will definitely walk on the path of Self Growth and Success.

6. Are you planning to come up with the next book? What will that book be about?

Yes, I have started writing my next book. That book will be an extension of the present one.

7. While writing, we do discover a lot of things about ourselves. Did you discover anything new about yourself while working on this book?

I was not so much confident about my writing capabilities. Writing the first book motivated me a lot to do more in this field.

8. How long did it take you to write this book?

It took almost 15 months to write my first book.

9. Mention five points that one should definitely keep in mind when creating his/her influence.

The most important point is to develop your Aura and personality if you want to Create Your Influence. other points are your passion, Your belief system, and the tone of your voice. These are the essential gradients required to create Influence.

10. How did you feel when you took your book in your hand for the first time?

Truly, I was very excited when I was opening the cover of the book. I can not express my feeling when I saw my own book in my hands. Great. I simply thank God for this achievement of my life.

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