Talk with Pratima Raj about her Debut "Cocktales"

1. What difference do you see between a writer and an author?

A writer and an author sails in two different boats towards the same direction, but a person who reaches the destination is an author; a person who explores all the streams is a writer.

2. What comes first for you — the plot or the characters — and why?

I pen the plot initially and then the characters. As I prefer making a strong foundation of my story for my characters to flaunt their respective personality.

3. How do you use social media as an author?

I often post about my book's availability on many platforms for my readers; I personally message the readers; I consistently post quotes and poems in all the social media sites to keep myself connected with the readers.

4. What perspectives or beliefs have you challenged with this work?

My perspective about my work is to reach out to all the readers' minds and hearts through my genre, irrespective of the age.

5. Which characters in your book are most similar to you or to people you know?

The Bindu story; story number 10 from the list in the "Cocktales" book . It was a daunting experience, which was a real life incident. The characters Rakesh and Riya were similar to my husband and I.

6. What is the significance of the title, 'Cocktales'?

The significance of the title "Cocktales" is that, one cherishes variant experiences of different people in the stories in one read, just like a fusion of syrup in a cocktail glass.

7. Which story from 'Cocktales' is the closest to your heart and why?

I like all the stories of my book, as every story has something to convey, but one specific story which is quite close to my heart is the "Kalyug- The Age Of Misery," as the story line, the characters, their experiences and the climax has all that a person would desire and expect, keeping the story captivating till the end.

8. What is the best and the worst thing you have heard about your book?

The best thing I have heard about my book is that - The vocabulary is simple and the story lines are captivating, that the readers cherish and relax through short reads that there aren't any remarks on boredom.