Cocktales render its readers a variety of daunting experiences - says the author "Pratima Raj"

Pratima Raj is an M.phil graduate in English. She has augmented her skills by procuring a Diploma course in Creative Writing. She also has procured a degree in Business management. She has worked as a linguistic teacher in a private school in Coimbatore. She believes to invest her time in reading books, and writing poetries, short stories, and quotes. She is Your Quote writer. She has published her quote book entitled"Enchanting Words of Mind," and has been a co-author for a few anthologies entitled "The Purple Vistas", "Romantic Walk" and few more. She has presented research papers each in National and International conferences entitled" LGBT is a Huge Taboo in Indian scenario" and " Life of Transgender in Indian scenario."

She has a blog entitled " Magic in Words," and her work in the genre of quotes and poems can be read on Instagram- @pratimaraj03.

She is the author of "Cocktales."

Cocktales is a motley of short stories like the fusion of syrup in a cocktail glass, where experiences and exposures are mixed with the essence of the lifestyle, and preaching and mistakes surge the intoxication to feel the worth of life.

The legacy to hear Short stories was since toddlers but still, it has won a corner in everyone's heart irrespective of the age. Short stories with morals were children's preachers and for adults, it's the experiences of others that taught every individual their life lessons.

Transformation in life is a choice, and these are inculcated when we hear stories of success, failure, modulation, tragedies, mysteries, and other incidents and accidents.

The motive behind the book is to rejuvenate the fatigue body and mind through short reads.

Cocktales renders its readers a variety of daunting experiences; logical thinking practices; it acts as an eye-opener for social issues; A walk through a romantic lane; An awareness program; Inspiration and much more through short stories.

This beautiful book is available at Amazon and Flipkart as a paperback and e-books too are available at Apple books, Kindle, Kobo, Thalia, Vivlio. Bestow this book to yourself, friends and families, and relax to cherish your time with Cocktales as your priority. You can grab the copy at : Amazon -