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The life of trans | Gummakonda Jyothi

Hello I am the doctor who is here for the surgery may I know who is the patient.

Dr met the patient and asked his attenders to meet.

After the meet the patient attend ars have refused to his surgery.

After a long conversation the crew members got to know that the family has a problem with the doctor who is going to perform the surgery.

They have tried to convince the family members regarding the doctor no matter what they have refused the doctor so the doctor have left the theater room.

After around 30 minutes one of the doctor came to the family people by explaining the patient condition. The doctor who left the surgery has heard the conversation and have decides to help the family no matter what.

The doctor rushed to the theater inspite of a big argument with the family and have promised them that the patient will be alright.

After an 6 hours of surgery the doctor came out with a big smile of saving a life and had given the instructions given to the crew and left.

After a minute a little girl held the doctor pinky finger with her little finger with a big smile and said thank you with showing her all teeth in happiness "Thank you 😁".

That made the doctors day.

O yeah let me introduce.

My self VAMIKA a Cardiologist.

Gummakonda Jyothi

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