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The Games of Magic | Lavina Punjabi

Aastha is a legal practitioner while Parth is a teacher by profession. Both belong to different worlds. Parth knows everything about Aastha but she doesn’t know him.

Aastha is the eldest child in a traditional Indian family who belong to Sindhi Community and which used to be a Joint Hindu family, before the separation of the three brothers. The family ended up in a legal dispute amongst brothers that took up most of her life.She pursues law and becomes a lawyer only to take back what her family has lost i.e. their legal rights of property under the joint family from her uncle, Mr. Kamal Sidhwani.

Aastha is a victim of black magic. Her family, particularly, her uncle is the primary reason for all struggles in her life. She ends her journey in Mukherjee Nagar where life takes a different turn. She meets Parth in an Institute where she teaches students. Very soon she comes to know that Parth has cast Black Magic on her through some known sources in the Institute. She is strongly attracted to him. He has a plan which no one except a few know about. Due to certain difficult situations, particularly financial difficulties, Aastha leaves the Institute soon to join Aim Law Institute where she meets Sebastian Sir, who is the proud owner of Aim Law Institute and who becomes her father figure in Delhi. She struggles up to failures in various exams. At Aim Law Institute, she meets with her failure for her fourth attempt when Sebastian Sir prepares her for the judicial service exams. All throughout her journey in Delhi, she misses Parth badly while struggling her way up to success in Aim Law Institute. She does all the work she can for the Institute to earn not only for herself but also for her family whom she sends some money home.

Very soon things turn out to be nasty again when Sebastian Sir treats Aastha very badly and compels her to leave the job. She leaves Delhi for her native place, Kolkata.

Back at Kolkata, she awaits the results of the Delhi Mains (second stage) of the exam which she appeared when she was employed at Aim Law Institute in Delhi. To her dismay, she failed in her attempt. During this time, she joined TIME institute and took up loads of work from the Aim Law Institute to help her family in difficult times. Her financial troubles took precedence and hence she stayed in Kolkata and attempted the state level judicial service exams. She appeared for the Interview. However, when she was about to taste some success, weird things started happening to her. She was treated in a different way by the family who were preparing for something big which surfaced later.

Aastha, who was bereft of the biggest deception that was about to take place in her life, started feeling low and stayed in bad health when her world was changed both virtually and literally. Her family, particularly, her father and Parth who knew each other, belonged to the same community of demonic energies (Aks). They were demonic energies (magical animals/gaits) of the universe where we live and have been taking care of Aastha for their purposes of food making and their own making.

Aastha was given to her father, Kishan Sidhwani alias Harry when she was a baby.He played the biggest game of his life with her. The identities of all those who played the game were kept hidden from her till the game continued. During the game, all her relatives and known relations joined the most inhuman game ever played with any entity. After the game, the Aks of family members left the old bodies for others to play the game through their bodies and be made in the process. All had to be done through Aastha. It took more than 1 and a half years of turmoil for Aastha to be placed in a new dimension, a new world of theirs replete with black magic and tantric practices.

Now, she was in a different world where nothing except evil, black magic, foul smell, eating meat, prostitution, gambling and hypocrisy prevailed.

She was treated very badly by the other magical gaits who would be made through her in the magical dimension of the cities, all created through her.

When she realized where she was, everything else was revealed to her about her life.

All they wanted from her was allegiance and slavery. There came a tussle between her rights and their egoistic attitude. However, Aastha is slowly made to adapt to the changing world where it becomes impossible for her to stay especially with the magical gaits. At one end, they want to bruise her and at other, she herself felt like committing suicide. With time, Aastha learns to maintain a balance between her inner place and the outer world.

The magical gaits, particularly her father, who is the head of the community who know that they are more powerful than her, research on her and find out that she is the official in the God’s kingdom.

Nobody could make them or stay with them except the purest soul in the Universe.

It is not soon that she is shifted to the other dimensional city, Ahmednagar (which is the dimensional city of Ahmedabad) with the family members. New entities wait for her so that they too play with her and dominate her to the core for their food making. She is welcomed in the city with black magic and is slowly made to suffer. She is given a small room like that of a railway compartment where she is made to stay and suffer torture at their hands while the seniormost gaits of her erstwhile family members, Parth and Sebastian Sir enjoy her turmoil from the other dimension. At times they intervene to cause more trouble to Aastha especially when they see her earning more through some projects of teaching or preparing test series. Aastha is repeatedly told that she will not be taken up from the magical world to the earthly sphere and she will not be given her last funeral rights. Her transmigration will stop. While all this continued, Aastha participates in a novel writing competition and obtains a lucrative contract for which she will be paid a hefty sum. To avoid this, all her family members below at the behest of Parth, Sebastian Sir and Harry try to stop her by creating troubles for her. When nothing happens, everyone is reminded by Harry that she is to be played with in accordance with the rules that were necessarily given to him so that magic can be made as per the agreement of Magic by which Aastha was given to Harry when she was a baby for her to be exploited, first by family members and then by the community.

Question is when will she be taken up from the magical dimension formed beneath the surface of earth and with whom will she stay.

Harry answered it all - Never!

He ended with a line– “It is all fated and I am his FATE!”

Lavina Punjabi

Guidelines for the competition :

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