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The Bad Scorer | Er. Piyush Pandey

I was in 1st Semester B.Tech at Himachal Pradesh University Shimla. My first semester examinations were over & I was waiting for the results. One day the date was announced & on that day, my parents were eagerly waiting for my marksheet. But they were surprised to see my marksheet. I failed in all the subjects. My parents were shocked. My mom started crying.

My father angrily said, "Is this how you will become an Engineer. You failed in all the subjects. Tell me seriously, do you have complete knowledge of all your subjects or are you cheeting us & yourself." I said, "Dad I have complete knowledge of my subjects. I don't know what happened. I answered all questions correctly." My dad said, "Ok, no problem. Let us go to your university & check how intelligent you are."

Next day me & my dad went to my university. We went to the checking room where examiners check the papers. My father met one of the examiners & said, "Sir I need your help. I know my son is a intelligent boy. But sir he failed in all the subjects. Can you please help me in finding how it happened. I am very sad Sir." The examiner said,"Sir, please have a seat. I will show you the answer sheets of your child."

The examiner brought a bundle of all my answer sheets & showed it to my father. He said, " Sir, each question carries 20 marks. Your son has answered all questions in one line just be given definition and example. I know your son is intelligent. But he is student of an Engineering college. If the question carries 20 marks, he must elaborate. He should tell the definition, give examples, elaborate the answer, make labelled diagram, make graphical illustrations wherever required. Then, he must divide his answers into paragraph, each paragraph dealing with different aspect of the same concept.

After graduating he is going to become a responsible engineer of the country. Such a childish approach in writing is not acceptable sir."

I realised my mistake & said sorry to my professor. He said, "No need to be sorry dear. Just improve yourself a bit. You are a good boy." My father heartly thanked the professor & both of us returned. It was a great lesson of my life that day & I will remain thankful to my professor throughout my life.

Coming back home my father was very upset. My mom could not sleep for next 4 days. I was very sad because the reason behind my parent's sadness was me. I was almost under depression. I was hating myself. My mom and dad got more depressed when the parents of my classmates visited them & told them their children have scored more than 87%.

That very day I made up my mind that in next semester examination, I will prove myself. I attended all my Lectures thoroughly. I did experiments in labs thoroughly. I participated in all crucial seminars organised by my college sincerely. Gradually the time of my semester examination came. I entered the examination hall with full confidence.

I observed each question thoroughly. I divided my answers into paragraphs, each paragraph depicting various aspects of same concept in an elaborate manner. With every answer I drew a well labelled diagram. My handwriting was excellent. I explained all the answers with very logical examples. Overall, I did my best.

Gradually the time came when my results were declared. I was called at college. Seeing me my HOD smiled & said, "Will done Piyush! You have scored 81% in semester examination." I was shocked to hear that. I was the happiest person on the planet that day. I rushed towards my HOD & touched his feet. He blessed me. I took my marksheet & ran towards my home with a smile on my face. As I reached the gate of my home I shouted,"Mom I scored 81%, mom I scored 81%." My mom and dad were surprised to hear the news. They hugged me. My father went to the nearby sweet shop & said, "Give me sweets for entire colony." The shopkeeper said, "Great Sir, but what is the good news." My father said, "My son scored 81%." My eyes filled with tears looking at my father's excitement.

On the same night, my father called all my relatives for dinner. All of them blessed me gave me many gifts. My eyes were full of tears. Actually that day I realised what is the value of success of children in the eyes of parents.

Er. Piyush Pandey

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