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“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, YOUR MAJESTY”, screamed the panicked soldier as he barrelled down the hallways towards the inner chambers of Empress Daisy Duck. The said lady looked up sharply from the book and gazed piercingly at the offending soldier, who immediately stopped and looked down at the ground, ashamed of his uncouth behavior. After glaring at him for a while, she bitingly asked him, “What is the matter soldier that you have to run and shout like a hooligan”. Thoroughly chastised, the soldier spoke in a subdued voice, “Forgive me your highness, but there is urgent news that has to be given to you. Your majesty the southernmost frontiers of our kingdom have been ravaged by Captain Blackheart and his gang of pirates.” Hearing this Daisy took a sharp breath. Captain Blackheart alias Pete was the most ruthless pirate ever born. Nobody knows where he came from but ten years ago, he and his band arrived on the shores of Disney Kingdom and began his reign of terror. Her husband, the late Emperor Donald Duck, tried his best to fight them but was fatally injured and breathed his last fortnight later almost two years ago. Blinking back the tears, she asked the soldier to summon Sir Mickey Mouse. Sir Mickey Mouse was one of the bravest knights of the whole kingdom. He was also the bosom friend of the late emperor. Daisy remembered when Mickey swore in front of his friend’s dead body that he would avenge his death or die trying to achieve it. She was roused from her musing by a gentle knock on her door. Opening it he saw the soldier with Mickey standing there. Beckoning him inside she dismissed the soldier and urged him to sit down. Then without beating the bush she got to the point, “You have probably guessed why you have been summoned here a few minutes ago the soldier who escorted you here brought me a piece of grave news. The villages on the southern frontiers have been annihilated by Peg’s leg Pete.” Mickey immediately went rigid hearing the wretched name. Tenderly taking Daisy’s dainty hands, he said solemnly, “I promise Daisy that I will avenge his death. He and you are the only people I know and it is my right to bring justice so that he can rest in peace.” Daisy burst into heart-wrenching sobs, all the while Mickey holding her hand and giving her silent support. After the gravity of the grief subsided a little, Daisy wiped her eyes and composing herself, apologized to Mickey who shrugged it off. She was about to say something when suddenly there was a knock on her chamber door. Opening it, stood their messenger and spy Goofy Goof, who had a serious look on his which looked unnatural given his happy-to-go-lucky personality. Bowing deeply to them he said, “Your Highness, Sir, I have a

piece of wonderful news for you. After months of searching my associates have finally located the whereabouts of Captain Blackheart and his gang.” Goofy continued that according to his sources, they have taken residence on an abandoned island that was considered haunted by the kingdom dwellers. Hearing these gears began to turn around Mickey’s head and looking at Daisy he saw she had the same contemplating look on her face. Looking at each other they came to a mutual understanding, fate has finally smiled upon them. So accordingly, they began to take preparation for the deadly trip, and after a week they were ready to go. Goofy had meticulously drawn the map for the island and handed it to Mickey and finally, on a clear bright, a group of fifty thousand soldiers led by Sir Mickey Mouse left the capital. Slowly amid the wild cheers and songs, the party departed and after traveling the whole day, they came to a clearing. Dusk was approaching so Mickey asked his companions if they would stay there that night, to which everyone agreed. So accordingly, tents were pitched up and everyone retired for the night. The night was quiet and peaceful, but Mickey couldn’t sleep a wink. He kept tossing and turning in his makeshift bed, but the face of his deceased friend keeps coming into his mind and finally giving up he left the stifling atmosphere. The cool night wind calmed his frazzled nerves when he suddenly heard a noise or a scream. Picking up his sword he raced toward the source of the sound and what he saw made his blood boil.

Three men surrounded a girl who was valiantly trying to protect her dignity. Mickey jumped into battle and slew the nearest man without any second thought. The other two were shocked by their comrade’s death and Mickey took the opportunity to stun and incapacitate them. He then turned and helped the lady who took his breath away. The girl was beautiful to the level of sin. She smiled shyly at him, who grinned stupidly. Regaining his Mickey asked her what was her name and why was she all alone in this wilderness. The smile slipped from her face and her eyes brimmed with tears with a shaky voice, she said her name was Minnie and she was an orphan. Her father and mother died when Blackheart’s gang attacked her village weeks ago. Mickey immediately offered his condolences and took her to the camp. There he called his commodore Max Goof, son of Goofy, and asked him to escort the fair maiden to the capital and the rest went towards the battleground. There they launched a surprise attack on the pirates and annihilated them. After taking Pete as a prisoner, they returned where Peg leg Pete was sentenced to death by execution and his body was left on the island to rot along with his fallen comrades. A few months later the whole capital was in a festive mood as Sir Mickey Mouse tied his nuptial cords with lady Minnie Mouse and they lived happily ever after.

Tuhin Guha

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