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'Swirling Water and Lavender' by Sagarika Priyadarshanee

The author Sagarika Priyadarshanee's debut book Swirling Water and Lavender is a book that depicts her experience and struggle.

Life is complicated. Love is a special feeling. Some memories are beautiful and some break our heart.

This book contains poem, poetry, quotes, open letters, short articles, paragraphs, very short stories, one liner and two liners. It is based on life, dream, reality, loss, hope, love, loneliness, heartbreak and memories. Motivational quotes adorn the pages. This book is close to her heart because it depicts her life one way or other. The author was broken and miserable and this book turned out to be her saviour. This book is straight from the heart. It is a short reads book. It will not consume much of your time.

You can read it in one day if you want. Here is a poem for you all-

Together as a Family

What it's like to be part of a family?

It provides me with warmth and security,

It has taught me humility and honesty,

And how to abide by the rules of society,

It has taught me the power of unity,

And attributes of humanity and etiquette,

It has taught me right from wrong,

And socially acceptable cultures and traditions,

We have a taut emotional attachment,

And are bound together by varied sentiments,

I can freely share my problems and happiness,

And be sure there will be no judgements,

We are together in all ups and downs,

We support one another in every situation,

No matter how far we stay from each other,

Our bond will remain forever strong,

I am grateful to be a part of my family,

Whose love extends beyond the infinity.

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