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Stranger to strength: Destiny | Santvana Srivastava

This is the story of girl named Sona who lived in district Ballia of Up. Since childhood, she was shy and introvert girl who couldn't even share the things with her friends or parents. Lack of confidence led her suffer alot. But a boy named Dipu came in her life and changed her entirely. Not only he introduced her with the reality of this world, society or people, but also with her strong side. This story begins in Ballia but in reality, it thrives at a holy place Shivnagari, varanasi, gets deepens and remains there forever....

The story in her words:

Every so often,I wonder how sudden one can be muse in our life and makes us still... Everything changes suddenly and forever and the impressions are so deep that remains for the rest of the life.

At the outset of my graduation, I saw him (Dipu) as a chirpy and brainy boy who was friendly with everyone but I never had a chance or i would say the courage to have chit chat....

But it's well said 'Everything happens for a reason'. We were already linked with fate.

After one and a half years, he'd to leave the graduation to join the IAF.

On the day of his farewell, i got to know about it and I wanted at least a chance to congratulate and wish for his new beginning but i couldn't.

When I came back from class, I got a call and it was him. I was shocked but elated as he called me. For two days, we'd endless talks.

Eventually, I came to know that he was not the same person (Dipu) whom I thought to be but he just had that name to talk as he liked me. Next day, I went and asked Dipu if he was there or not. He was shocked with these things and said to help me out. He got to know that the boy was from our batch and i could continue if I was into that boy.

For a few days, that had been an issue and the things became a little bit worse when I got to know that the whole class knew about it. Even it was so embarrassing for me when I heard my classmates to discuss about it while pointing me. I had to skip last one month class due to that. But finally someone settled it down somehow.

I always used to think 'if someday we would be in touch or not. And who was that person??' even I don't know till now.

Well.... The Days went on.

After 2years, on my social media I got a friend request and guess what! It was him(Dipu) whom I used to like and inspire from. For few days I kept it pending but later I accepted as I wanted to ask why he had told anyone. The things got cleared. It was my misunderstanding. So, we started connecting with each other usually, then daily...

Within a week or two, we become 'fidus Achates'. We were alike as we'd lots of things in common that twisted our twining enough to link together. There was a strong attraction between us that can't be described in words.

I think when things are already decided by fate, it happens anyway...

We decided to meet after a long period of times. That day came. I'd to go out of the city to meet him but.... I was enthralled and nervous a little bit too as it was for the first time for me to meet someone like this.

Love is something that gives us universal strength but along with nervousness and goosebumps....

I missed my train in the early morning and I was like 'what if I don't reach there on time, what will he think about me??' and many more thoughts.... He was also like 'you made me fool. You lied. You didn't want to come and meet. You should have told me.' and all. That time, I just thought that anyhow I would have to be there as I didn't want to loose the chance to meet him. May be, he would not ask me again to meet.

Anyway, I took roadways and reached there but late by two hours. On the way, all I was thinking to reach as soon as possible but When we are eagerly waiting for something, time slows down at its own pace. It took four and a half hours but I felt as if I had been traveling for many hours.

Finally I was there. We met near railway station. I was surprised to see him calm with a lovely smile for at least I managed to meet him. If not, then it might be a month later or more. I was so happy to see him that I became speechless.... Not even tried to look into his eyes but one thing was there for whole day with us. That was our cute smile and glow of being together. He too was blushing while holding my hand.

I remember how we both were nervous, yet the time we spent together was memorable.

Later, it continued like this....

I even didn't realise how we came this much close that he had became my strength, my best partner and comrade. That bond between us was too strong to get broken by any single thing.

There are few people in our life who are with us only for a little time but no one knows us as much as they know us.

I think what precious thing, life sometimes gives us, is this kind of bond with someone that you can share each and every thing without any hesitation or fear of being judged. He/she can be the person that can change you not from outside but from inside,that can show your inner (real) you.

This is what I feel is the best gift from someone.

Santvana Srivastava

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