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'Stop! You are not allowed to touch me' A book by Asma Torgal

Stop! You are not allowed to touch me is a children’s picture book that directly addresses the issues of child sexual abuse. It is a story of a little girl named Mia who has had an uncomfortable experience in the past few days and is unable to share it with anyone as she is scared.

The book has fabulous illustrations that take readers to endure the same as in the book. Author Asma Torgal has brilliantly portrayed the story in a child-friendly manner as how Mia falls prey to predators and later learns to handle herself in unsafe situations.

This book outlines tips about do and don’t to the parents which will help them to understand and engage in sensitive conversation with their children.

Through activity pages and engaging text, the book empowers children by teaching them crucial skills in personal body safety.

‘Stop! You are not allowed to touch me’, offers a terrific opportunity for parents and concerned adults to help their children learn to protect themselves. Three little words hold the book,

Empathy... Educate….Empower...

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